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Wiki Etiquette Research

Page history last edited by Joseph M. 8 years, 10 months ago


1. Use the Edit tab above to add information to the table below.

2. Use the table below to record two facts about Wiki Etiquette.  You may not duplicate the same rule that another team has already listed.  

3. After watching the Creative Commons video and the Fair(y) Use video, record one thing you should keep in mind when you search for images to use in your logo design.

4. Be sure to Save your work using the tab below when you are finished editing the table.

Learning Teams
Wiki Etiquette Rules
Fair Use, Copy Right and my logo design
Flynn & Brittany

 -be kind    -be prepared

dont copy other artist work make it your own and diffrent in some way, and be honest about your work and others.
Karon & Joe


Be respectful

Do not lie           

Logo's should be about what you are trying to make it about, not about every little thing you wnat it to be. 
Travon & Ogechi

-Be responsible

-never post full name 

Creative Commons lets you copy rights with some rights reserved


Holly & Zion

-Be school appropriate


Try to be creative & dont steal others ideas.
Elizabeth & Adrianna
-no cyberbullying - if you take somthing someone els made you can only use it if you make it your own and only if it has the "cc"
Eddie & Ashley
use school appropiate pictures do claim stuff you didnt make  





Comments (4)

Kathleen Chenowith said

at 10:53 am on Sep 4, 2012

Dear class, be sure not to post the same information as your peers. Collaboration means that you bring something new and original to the "table". Three posts above say "be safe", two posts say "don't share personal info". Two say "don't copy". One of the wiki ettiquete rules is to be sure to read what you right before you post to make sure what you are sharing is written well, makes sense and doesn't include errors in spelling or grammar. Nice job today working through the technology glitches.

Elizabeth M. said

at 4:53 pm on Sep 4, 2012

Flynn and Brittany stole our comment idea(s). NOT FAIR :(

Kathleen Chenowith said

at 7:23 pm on Sep 4, 2012

Elizabeth, there are plenty more wiki etiquette rules to choose from. I'm glad you used the comment tool to communicate! You get 5 extra credit points!

Joseph M. said

at 5:52 am on Sep 10, 2012

Hello Mrs. Chenowith, I put a coment just as you wanted, I don't know what to comment about so I'll just say that I changed my part of the table of the table to be original.

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