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Self Portraits- It's Personal!

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Various portrait tutorials to help with drawing or painting portraits.



Portrait Drawing Resources

How to Draw resources by Stan Prokopenko provide great step-by-step instructions on drawing as well as the anatomy and structure of the human head.  


how to Draw Eyes Anatomy & Structure                                                             Step by Step


How to Draw Lips- Anatomy & Structure                                                            Step by Step


How to Draw a Nose (Anatomy & Structure)                                                       Step by Step                                                                                              


How to Draw the Head from any Angle                                                                Basic Proportions of the Face


Virtual Instructor Basic Proportions                                                                      Phi and proportions of the face and human body  Recommend the first 5:26 minutes.


Resources to Help Draw Accurate Proportions 

Step by step document http://www.drawspace.com/lessons/view/h01    
The Virtual Instructor- tips & videos  http://thevirtualinstructor.com/facialproportions.html  
The Golden Ratio and Phi  http://www.goldennumber.net/face/  
Proportion Checklist




Painting Flesh Tones

Instructional video for mixing acrylic paint and matching color to the palm of your hand. This process can be used for any skin tone.  Notice the use of the 3 primary colors, white and burnt umber (brown).  Also note how the artist mixes color with the palette knife and the gradual changes he makes until he finds a great match.  The video is 7 minutes long- 7 minutes to find just the right color to match the palm of his hand.  How many different colors do you think you might find when painting a portrait? 


Speed painting, portrait demo: 




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