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Writing an Artist Statement

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Tips and Resources

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8th Grade Surreal Hand Artist Statement Assignment   

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What is an Artist Statement? 

Artist Statement PDF (short and concise explanation with example)

What is an artist’s statement?

The artist’s statement describes who you are as an artist and what your art is about. Artist’s statements are used as marketing tools to sell you and your work; to inform viewers. Brag about yourself and your work.


Some General Guidelines

  • Use an economy of words; one page or about three paragraphs is usually plenty.

  • Use active words and present tense; avoid "to be" verbs and past tense.

  • Keep it professional: use good paper, clean layout, and simple fonts.

  • Discuss your personal art values or aesthetic (the philosophy behind your work; the reasons you create)

  • Describe your style and medium (this is a good place to point out your unique creative processes)

  • Include events or experiences that have contributed to your development as an artist.

  • Give a concise and authoritative close.

  • Avoid pretentiousness; make it easy and interesting to read and understand


Begin by brainstorming words and phrases. Do not be concerned about writing complete sentences. The following questions are meant as prompts to help you begin. You may choose to develop other questions.

  • What are your personal art values or aesthetic?

  • How are your personal art values or aesthetic seen in your artwork?

  • What do you like best about the finished product?

  • Describe the medium you use.

  • Describe your style.

  • Describe a theme that runs through your work.

  • Why did you decide to become an artist?

  • What do you like best about making art?

  • What has influenced your work (Travel? Other artists? Family? Culture?) How does your work reflect this influence?

Putting the Artist’s Statement Together: A Sample

Paragraph I: Make a clear and concise statement about your artistic values or aesthetic or why you create. Support that statement with at least two reasons.


Paragraph II: Describe one of your works or a body of your work in such a way as to guide a viewer to understanding. This could include your use of the elements of art and principles of design, your unique use of tools and materials, or your style.


Paragraph III. Give the reader/viewer closure. Give a few more hints about your work. This is where you can point out a theme or discuss those experiences that influence your work.


Review and Revise

Edit for grammar, content, understanding, and effective layout.



You grow and change as an artist. Your artist’s statement should also grow and change.


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Sample Artist Statement


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